Trust and Betrayal

“Your Amazon Prime subscription needs renewing,” said the automated telephone message.  We don’t have Amazon Prime and never have.  “This is the fraud department at your bank.  Two payments have been made from your account…” Which bank is that? 

Someone trying to deceive and take advantage.  Relying on our trust.  Playing on our fears and insecurities and hiding behind their anonymity.  

When we lived in small communities we knew our neighbour.  We knew who to trust.  Connection and cohesion were essential for survival.  Shared values and expectations too. Of course it wasn’t perfect.  There were always those who pushed the boundaries and some stepped outside the community, or were pushed.

Stepping outside the community and breaking trust can happen in a moment, or it can be planned over time.  It can be in response to feeling hurt and rejected, an attempt to gain love and recognition, for personal gain, or even revenge.  Fear too, can play a part.  

We see it all in Holy Week, in Jesus’ tight knit community of disciples and the fickleness of the crowd.  In Pilate’s vacillations Judas’ betrayal, Peter’s denial.  Yes, these events were on a scale that had world shattering consequences. 

As did Jesus’ response: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Chris Dawson

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