Chancel Guild

Of the current voluntary groups the Chancel Guild, which cleans and cares for the Lady Chapel, chancel and sanctuary, is probably the one most steeped in tradition.  One of the congregation recalls her mother being a member in the thirties but it probably dates from much earlier.  To be invited to be a member of the 20-strong group was viewed as a considerable privilege, and no-one joined without being recommended for that invitation.  Nowadays, volunteers – male and female – are welcomed with (metaphorically) open arms.

Cleaning methods have also changed a little, and every month you will hear the vacuum cleaner doing its rounds and see microfibre dusters buffing polished surfaces.  However, just as in the early days, only beeswax is allowed on the wood – woe betide anyone who infiltrates a can of spray polish!

The Chancel Guild meets in church on the 2nd Tuesday of every month 9.30am – 12.00 noon.

Contact Edna Tootell on 0161 483 5753 

The church cleaners meet on the first Tuesday of the month from about 9.30 a.m. until 12.00 noon to clean and look after the nave of the Church

Contact:  Mrs Dorothy Walton – 0161 483 3088


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