St George’s Church Choir has been in continual existence since the consecration of the church in 1897, and to this day enriches the worship at St. George’s with music from all periods.

In current times it has become unusual for a church choir to be flourishing, although happily, this is not the case at St. George’s! Under the stewardship of our Director of Music – John Horton – our numbers are steadily increasing and we are always delighted to welcome new singers. You may have sung in a church choir in the past, or have recently moved to the area, or just love music and singing. We do however, ask for commitment, attending a Choir Rehearsal on a Thursday Evening and Sunday Services.

The Choir is open to everyoneone, children and adults.

The Choir are not professionals, we just love to sing, we work hard, and of course have a strong faith and a good sense of humour.

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