St George’s Men

Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July 7:30pm

Tickets: £7.50 in advance from church or for online click here.

St George’s Men is a musical drama and World War I commemoration, written and directed by Chris Dawson.

It tells the story of two local men who fought in and survived the horrors of the First World War: Bob Morton, a Company Sergeant Major who served with the 6th Cheshire Regiment on the Western Front and Jack Morten, who served in Gallipoli and France with the 7th Battalion Manchester Regiment. Evidence of these two men’s experience is provided through wartime correspondence and post war conversations with friends. The drama’s narrative is made up of letters, articles, speeches, poems and popular wartime songs.

Apart from the letters of Jack Morten, much of the content of the play is drawn from a book published by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council called “Stockport Lads Together”. The book was written by David Kelsall, a friend of Bob Morton. David is still alive and the writer was able to meet up with him to learn even more about the two men and the war era. Other sources of information are publications printed by officers during the war, namely “The Wipers Times” and its other guises “The Somme Times”, The BEF Times” etc. together with articles written by Archdeacon Thorpe, Vicar of St George’s, who was chaplain to the Cheshire Regiment and wrote of their experiences at the Front in St George’s Parish Magazine.

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