Keeping Christmas

How will you your Christmas keep?

With a family of four in two rooms.  No space, no privacy, no room to breathe.  Or in a tent in the derelict doorway of the once upon a time John Lewis store. Or in a doorway without a tent, on cardboard, wrapped in blankets with your dog for company.

In a prison cell with a hole in the window where a drug carrying drone crashed through.  No seat on the toilet and a broken flush.  A bucket of water instead.  Banged up for twenty three hours out of twenty four.  Surviving on two meals a day. 

Struggling to put food on the table, counting the pennies and turning off the heat, with the wet and cold outside.  Damp and mould on the walls.  Unsafe.  Landlord knocking on the door, threatening to evict.

Discriminated against for disability, colour, gender identity or ethnicity.  Or as a refugee,   tortured for daring to speak out.  Leaving family, fleeing country.  Knowing no-one in a foreign land.  Isolated.  Just hoping………

“How will you your Christmas keep?

Feasting, fasting, or asleep?”

Eleanor Farjeon

Chris Dawson

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