All are welcome

If you listened to Elaine’s sermon on Sunday morning you will know that it was on the theme of everyone is welcome and at the end she said that we had been assessing what needs to be done to get the church building clean and safe for people to come in for private prayer. We spent part of Sunday and much of yesterday on that task and with a small but very willing band of helpers, the church is looking very clean and will be ready for opening on Sunday 5th July for private prayer.

There will be differences as we have taken away soft furnishings and drapes and anything that can’t be easily cleaned and there are the yellow and black arrows on the floor showing the one way route in and out of the building as well as hand sanitiser, gloves and wipes as needed.

However, back to Sunday in our house! As we got ready for bed Dave said he could hear a strange noise. I had taken my hearing aids out but I too could hear something. He then said ‘Is the cat in here?’ and yes, we could definitely hear a soft meowing. We looked in the wardrobe, no not there, then he said ‘Is it in the loft?’ Yes the noise, stronger now, was coming from the loft. The loft hatch was opened and the ladder let down and there was the cat.

This would all be fine except for one thing, we don’t have a cat! The cat in question is one of the two cats owned by our neighbours who live in the other half of our semi. Their loft is converted into a bedroom and somehow this young lady had wriggled her way through a solid brick wall into our half of the loft. Dave got her down and tried to shoo her out. She stood on the stairs and gave him a look which said ‘What? Can’t I stay now I’m here?’

No, all are not welcome in our house at 11.30 pm at night if you have four legs.

Hazel Jenkins

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