We have a great deal to be thankful for in the ways we are able to use technology to help us at the moment. Even my technophobe husband would agree with that and is an enthusiastic member of the St. George’s choir quiz night each week. It has also meant a massive learning curve in many ways and achieving Morning Prayer this Tuesday without any omissions or technical hitches was a first for me.

The ability to actually see people as well as speak to them is very important as we read facial expressions and body language in conjunction with the spoken word. So for church life there is a weekly meeting of the strategy group, a small group who are working to keep everything in order for the moment life begins to return to normal. The new Bishop of Chester was presented to the Diocese by Zoom and we were able to watch as various people, including our own vicar Elaine, asked him pertinent questions.

I’m sure many of you have managed to keep in touch with family members and friends through technology. However there was a new experience for me on Tuesday and that was an online physiotherapy consultation for a painful knee.

The old injury that has flared up was caused while on a skiing holiday and I’d like to say that it was a spectacular fall while on the slopes but no, I slipped down some granite steps before I got anywhere near the snow. The result was big damage to muscles in my right buttock which has ended up causing problems over the years. So when my knee became very painful over the weekend, the only thing that I could think I’d been doing differently was spending many hours at my sewing machine. Is there such a thing as sewing machine knee?

I sent a tongue in cheek message to my physio, who is also a friend, asking just that question and she replied asking me to phone her via Messenger which I did. She then gave me a thorough consultation via our phones on video settings. My phone was propped up against a vase on the hearth as I obeyed her instructions so she could see the problem. She was then able to send me an exercise programme with video examples.  Amazing!

Hazel Jenkins

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