It’s a dogs’ life

Something has changed over the last couple of months and I’m loving it!

My human mum used to go out of the house and leave me with Alex for an eternity. I’ve been begging my mum to stay at home with me and it’s worked! She has now learnt that her job is to be at home with me all the time so she can feed me, play with me, and rub my tummy.

Sometimes she forgets what her new job is so I have to remind her. She has this square thing called a laptop. I’m not sure what it does but she spends far too much time looking at it instead of playing with me. I’ve found that if I lie across it, she stops looking at it and rubs my tummy instead – so that is what I do.

Every day she disappears into this room at the back of the house. I think she calls it a study. Sometimes I’m allowed in there too but only if I’m good. I was very good the other day and I helped my human mum shred some paper. I know she was pleased!

Every Saturday my human mum gets ready for something called Messy Church and we play a game where we search the house for things like tape or ribbon. I love this game! I find craft things and hide them around the house so we can play together! My human mum spends lots of time looking for the things I’ve hidden – I’m so good at this game!

I’m also really good at clearing up. Yesterday I helped by carrying two cups full of paint into the house from the garden. My human mum’s been teaching me ‘fetch’ so I knew she would be pleased! I only spilt a little bit.

I’m not always allowed to help. Yesterday my human mum and Alex were playing a game and they had squirty cream and it got everywhere. I really wanted to help clear that up but they wouldn’t let me. They wouldn’t let me help clear up the cake either, but I am so good at that!

On Sunday evenings I go for a walk and then at 9.00pm I have to hide upstairs with Alex. I’m not sure what my human mum does but me and Alex watch her talking on this little square screen. When Alex stops watching I’m allowed to go and find my human mum and I run downstairs as fast as possible and jump as high as I can to show her how much I have missed her.

I’m so pleased my human mum has learnt that her job is to be at home with me. If I can just teach her to leave the bag of dog treats where I can reach them life will be perfect!

Holly x

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