Living life in Lycra Leggings

Every Church of England preacher loves a bit of alliteration; the gospel message using three headings all of the same letter.

However, this is how life in lockdown can be. Living life in Lycra Leggings

Having been used to wearing a uniform as a nurse and then a uniform of sorts as a priest, it becomes second nature to dress for the occasion

Many companies have Dress Down Friday where formal suits are set aside for an open necked shirt and chinos and women in casual trousers and top.

What I am finding is that it is easy to have a dress down Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …. through to the whole week.

Leggings have become my best friend. Easy to wear and easy to wash. I have a whole wardrobe of suitable attire but I reach for my go to gear which would make Gok Wan keel over in horror.

Am I at the stage and age when cumfy is the watchword or is it just the convenience of not having to think about what to wear?

Is it just me bringing out the old faithfuls which no one will see and no one much cares?

Are we locked down in our closet where the oldest and most threadbare of clothing lives? Clothes that would be more suitable for digging or painting, but never to see the light of day in normal circumstances, are worn with brazen confidence in the sure knowledge that nobody knows…??

You may be reassured that clerical attire is worn when live streaming services and for funerals but the leggings still lurk in the wardrobe and as soon as I am invisible again they are back on. Old friends.


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