What does a good day look like?

Bishop Keith recently asked us to consider this question “What does a good day look like?”

I’ve been pondering that question and I thought I would share some thoughts with you.

Starting the day well: Waking up with unresolved worry from the day before is never a good way to start the day. So, I suppose starting the day well for me means ending the previous day well. The daily Examen is a good way to prayerfully reflect on the day that has gone: https://www.ignatianspirituality.com/ignatian-prayer/the-examen/ and it helps me end the day in peace.

Setting my mood to positive when I wake up also helps me have a good day.  I use Alexa for my morning alarm and it wakes me up each day with the song ‘Morning Has Broken’ instead of a shrill bell! I’m giving thanks and praise for the day ahead before I have even got out of bed. Of course, good coffee also sets me up for a good day ahead.

Spending time with those I love: Busy daily life means we can be with people we love without ever spending quality time with them. In our house, we try and cook at least one meal together each week and we go for a daily walk together. It gives us chance to talk and listen to each other without the distractions of daily life.   A walk in the countryside followed by a home cooked meal would be the perfect afternoon. My puppy adds lots of fun to the day too.

A sense of adventure: I like to have a purpose to the day.Learning something new or doing something different each day stops me getting into a rut. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just something that excites me. Sometimes it’s just cooking something new or planning a holiday or trip for later in the year.

Prayer and meditation: Time for prayer sounds like stating the obvious but it can be very difficult to make time during the day – there are always distractions. Yet prayer is at the heart of everything I do and spending dedicated time in prayer is a real joy and privilege. For me, a good day would include spending time sitting under a tree in the sunshine meditating prayerfully on the Psalms and being open to the Holy Spirit through rich scripture.

Laughter: Laughing is good for your health – it’s official! Laughter is not just an expression of happiness and joy – laughing actually helps create happiness and joy. A good day always involves some laughter.  If you haven’t laughed today, find someone or something that will make you giggle!

What makes a good day?

As I ponder what makes a good day I can see a pattern emerging of things that matter to me most; being at peace, being with people I love, having a purpose to the day, having fun, and spending time with God in dedicated prayer but also going about my day prayerfully.

I wonder what a good day looks like for you, and how do you go about making that happen?

Janine Arnott

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