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No school! The perfect dream for a kid. Only this time it is a killer virus! Only 3 weeks ago, I was going to piano lessons, singing in a concert, going to cricket training and looking forward to going to New York, with school. Now it has all changed.
As I sit here writing this, I can, for once, here the birds sing- I live on the flight path. It is so quiet and peaceful, I like it, but it is eery, and unreal, almost like in a film. I am missing the normality of life most, even Stuart Roughley’s jokes, I now know I’ve hit rock bottom.
There is a great irony which comes with Covid-19, adults, and teachers alike are always trying to get kids off technology, and now just to do the work I have to use technology. But my favourite part has been the support from the choir, via WhatsApp, even though it may have kept me up or a few nights, it is lovely to see the support from everyone.
It has been very interesting to see that something that has pushed me further away from friends has brought me and my parents closer. I will miss my family down south, but at least I can still text and talk to them via technology.
Also, I just want to thank all the key workers and NHS workers who risk there lives for us, and we will always be in their debt.

Oliver Passant (aged 12)

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